Approximately five years ago I was referred to Paula Smart for Myofascial Massage for back pain. Following back surgery in ’06 I continued therapy which resulted in my no longer needing pain medication. October ’08 I had Open Heart Surgery followed by complications in ’09. As soon as I could I returned to Paula for therapy on my heart and back. Paula is very compassionate, a good listener and very knowledgeable about the human body. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing her services. She is a very special person. -Joan

Paula’s sensitivity, compassion and the range of modalities she offers, provides for a comforting and healing session. My body and spirit are grateful for her skilled hands and nurturing heart. As always I look forward to my next appointment. -Carol

Paula has helped me with my scoliosis and my spine and posture is much straighter today because of her. Thank you Paula! -Doreen

Paula is a terrific massage therapist! She is a life-long learner and is always taking classes to learn new theory and new techniques. There really should be some kind of distinction beyond LMT for her - since her abilities far surpass those of most massage therapists I have been to. In addition to her amazing skill as a massage therapist, she is a beautiful spirit. -Donna

I have been diagnosis with psoriasis of the liver; and thanks to Paula my liver enzymes are back to normal.-CJ


She has helped me with my back pain for a couple of years now! She has a very unique therapy. She is very dedicated to her therapy. Most of all she cares about the individual. -Marie

Hello Paula, and to everyone out there, Paula is the best (massage and more!) LMT Therapist ever, and I mean that from my heart, and I have had had many others .Love you Paula! -Barbara

My neck pain has been relieved with her therapy. -Kevin

I have had incredible TMJ pain for the past decade and no one has been able to help me until I met Paula. -Michael

I have been a client and now friend of Paula, for over 10 years. I would never go to anyone else. If you haven't been to see Paula yet, you need to. No individual in the industry compares to her. She will help you with every muscle in your body. Please go and try Paula. -Lynn

I was fortunate to discover you early in your career. Your therapy skills were excellent when you started. You have turned excellent into amazing. -Jennifer

Paula and I have been working together for over 3 years and what a difference it she has made in my life. She is truly an expert in the field, constantly seeking to enhance her skills in order to bring better serve her clients. I feel very lucky to be under her care and to call Paula my friend. -Nancy

I have been a patient, and then friend, of Paula for over 7 years. If you have pain...she can help you. I am constantly amazed at her knowledge and ability to pinpoint the areas which need work. Thanks for everything! -Deborah

Paula is a fabulous therapist! -Gene

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